Monday, 17 July 2017

"37+ Grace Marks" an Wonderful Book by Author Vishal Anand Ji, As It's a Fictional Love story with many turning points in it. I enjoyed this copy.

37 + Grace Marks' is a fictional love story written by Respected Author Mr. Vishal Anand, who has managed to deliver a very sensitive message to the society through Viraj (one of the lead characters in this book as an engineering student). The story written in this book seems more affective to the most engineering students as well as all the incidents and accidents happening in their daily lives.

In this story, Honorable writer has penned down his best and expressed how the Love effects during the study ages, how despite of receiving low numbers in exams and seccuring weak report cards in performance, the ambition of living the life is most important.

Also the telepathy between Viraj and his father succeeded in bringing a good message to all the parents and proves viraj’s father an ideal father who shows his true love to his son without gravitating more on numbers or on report card.

In this book, the story explains all about the three friends Viraj, Puneet and Sahil who are engineering students also this story contains another character Nimisha, who played most active role as a special character and as Viraj’s Lover/ Girlfriend. Viraj is one of the main characters of this story, the ups and downs come across his life has been linked directly and indirectly to the life of all the ups and downs in all the teenager lives today. According to the story in the book, The Book title is very selective and commendable. As a reader and a genuine reviewer, After reading this book, I would like to recommend this book to all my reader friends. They may grab their copies from Amazon and enjoy worthy reading.
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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The book 'Principles of Success' by Honorable author Dr.Roopleen, is helpful to all age groups and a must read book.

The book "Principles of Success", written by Dr.Roopleen, is one of the non-fiction and motivational books and is a beautiful masterpiece. In this book, the author has made a lot of effort to explain the 14 ways of success to the readers in very simple language. Every chapter in the book has been very beautifully established.

All the essentials needed to grow more and more towards the success are explained by the author with utmost expertise.
This book is so effective which can be read by all age groups.As an author and a book lover, I would love to recommend this book to all my book lover friends and wish the honorable autor Dr.Roopleen all the best for this worthy creation.


Umasankar Sahu

'Parrot Under the Pine Tree' is all about a Love story of Vedant and Sarang. Author Surendra Pratap Singh Ji has described the Village Kausani in Uttarakhand,also really wonderful and worthy reading in this book.

Parrot Under the Pine Tree’ is written by Author Surendra Pratap Singh ji. This story is based on a beautiful love story of Vedanta and Sarang where they faces many puzzles, ups and downs in their life. In the story, the author has penned down his magical script and narrated the story in a very well mannered way.

Meeting of two characters i.e. Vedanta and Sarang with each other at Kosani village of Dev bhoomi Uttarakhand and according to the advice of a saint how they get married and afterwards blessed with a baby boy Dhruv, all these narrated in very simple language using easy words by the Respected Author. Here Urvashi, also a character whose entry in the story brings a flaw in the life of Veda and Sara. As when Veda understands his mistake, but Sara does not agree to forgive the mistakes made by Veda. At last, Sarang obeys her grandmother's advice in view of accepting Vedanta once again.

Melodious nature and Beautiful environment of the said beautiful village Kausani in this book, makes the story more live, effective and heart touching. Does Sarang really accept Vedanta once again ? why and how ! The author has made a lot of effort to give the correct answer to all these curiosity in this book.

As an author and reader, I enjoyed this book. Hence I would suggest my reader friends that they also can grab their copies online and enjoy an worthy reading.

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Umasankar Sahu

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Overall the book 'Con Kabir' is an excellent creation by the well known creative Author, Mr. Vinod Gairola

Con Kabir’, a book by Vinod Gairola Ji is a crime and thriller genred book, penned down in a very talented way. I read this book with most curiously and took 2 days to complete it.

The story in the book is all about two childhood friends kabir and Ali, from two different nations i.e. India and Pakistan respectively, where they are victims of racism. In Overall there are three major characters in this book and they are ‘Kabir’ the protagonist, ‘Ali’ whose tragic past turned him into a most wanted terrorist and ‘ACP Malik’ an officer in Delhi Crime branch.

Another best part of this book is that, the respected Author has not mentioned his name at the author space in the book. And this shows how the author and his creation both are different from others. This is one of the must read book for those who love the themes Crime and Thriller. To know the most interesting story, I would like to appeal my reader friends to grab their copies. Overall this is an excellent creation by the Author.

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