Sunday, 28 May 2017

At Last This Book Touched In a Way That My Eyes Teared : Thank You Amrita for such a book.. 💐

That Click Is All It Takes To Fall In Love Forever is a book by Honorable Authoress Amrita Chakrabarty.The authoress penned down her best efforts and made each page of this book full of Romance, Love, Sad and Emotional, accordingly. Use of words and her magical touch  made this Novel unique and unbeatable.

The two important characters in this Novel are Meera and Vihaan. Where as Meera is a strong, responsible girl fell in love with Vihaan, a boy who is immature & innocent in Nature as well as younger to Meera. In this Novel the Authoress maintained a good balance in all the characters till the end of the story. She has defined Relationship , Responsibility, Innocence, Pain in a tremendous way.The whole book you can read in a single go with in 2 and half hours. I really loved the climax of the story which at last teared my eyes and hence I would like to recommend my friends who are book lovers as well as others to grab a copy each and feel the real flavour of reading in this Novel.

Friends,. Do you want to. Grab your copy ? OK here is the link :

Thank You,

Uma Sankar Sahu

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