Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Believe me reading the Book 'Just A Few Lies' gives same excitement of seeing a live IPL match in a crowded stadium...!!!

For the first time I read Author Sandeep Sharma’s book Just A Few Lies, and realized that ‘the Books Authored by Sandeep Sharma are just like Constructions designed by “Heavenly Architect Vishwakarma” and this is not my assumption only, here the author has proved it on papers…!

The author knows how to play with words like a snake charmer plays with cobras. Here respected author has penned down his best talent and poured both the flavours of Romance and Thriller in this single novel which we can read in a single go. Believe me reading this book gives same excitement of seeing a live IPL match in a crowded stadium.

Mr.Sandeep Sharma has worked hard to shower life in his fictitious characters in this novel. Where Mr. Anant, a renowned Best seller author and Sagarika, a Blogger are the main characters here as well as remaining all other characters like Alok, Kavya, Raman are also play their role beautifully and make this story a tremendous novel. Overall I can say the author has given a good flow and flavour to this book, that gives something more to the readers and book lovers.

I would like to recommend this as a must read book for all age group readers like teenagers, youth, seniors and all.

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Uma Sankar Sahu,


Arpan Ghosh said...

It's awesome to read your review.. Keep it up.. Wish you good luck..

authorumasankar said...

Thank You Arpan....