Saturday, 10 June 2017

I found the book "Mohini the Tigress" an Wonderful Creation By Hon'ble Author Sri Devi Raghuvanshi Ji and my Hearty congratulations to him as he has authored such a great book.

For the first time I got an opportunity to read Mr. Devi Raghuvanshi’s book, “Mohini The Tigress”; The author has documented this story in an wonderful way by giving wings to this book as the story touches the reader’s heart directly. Author proves his talent by describing such a different story with a different flavour. This story defines how a girl turns into a volcano when she faces molestation or rape, one of the disgraceful and hatred situation in her life. By this book the honoured author has thrown such a strong message to the society where the rapists are roaming freely without any fear and delivering such disgusting barade successfully.

The character ‘Mohini’ encourages the readers to complete the book in a single go. Also I found one thing in this story that it could be a very nice featurefilm if any talented filmmaker shows interest and want to project a live story on the silver screen.

Remaining all other characters like Radha, Verma, Nandini, Vivek, Alok, Malti, Ravi, Kuldeep also play their role beautifully and make this story an wonderful popular themed novel among the readers. Overall I can say the author has given a good flow and flavour to this book, which gives something more to the book lovers and the readers.

As a genuine reviewer, I would like to recommend this book as a must read book for all age group readers.

Thank You,
Warm Regards,

Uma Sankar Sahu

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