Friday, 30 June 2017

The Book 'Inside the Heart of Hope' sends a great message to the society saying how to proceed with hope even while someone is suffering and struggling.

Book Title : ‘Inside the Heart of Hope’
Author : Rishab Puri
Pages : 121
Publisher : Srishti Publishers ;

The Novel ‘Inside the Heart of Hope’ is very finely written and also the respected author Rishab Puri Ji has used very simple words and sentences in this story.
In this story the main character is ‘Ricky’ who is a heart patient but having lots of dreams to live a loving normal life. ‘Amy’ was Ricky’s first Girl Friend but unfortunately after knowing about Ricky’s disease and bypass surgery she left him. Ricky was hurt a lot but after his successful surgeries he made him self mentally and morally more strong than earlier days. Ricky has a best friend Jacob to whom he shares all his happiness and sad moments.
Once while Ricky was on a business trip he interacts with an Air hostess Lisa and once again Love develops among them. But this time if Lisa continues with Ricky or leaves him after knowing about his disease and surgeries though her father disapproves their love relation… ? If Ricky able to prove himself in front of Lisa that he is quite healthy and fit to continue a healthy life further…? Now Grab a copy and get all the answers in the Book. Here the talented author Mr. Puri has proved his writing skills in a great way. I would like to congratulate Dear Author for such a mind blowing Novel.

This story sends a very good message to the society and teaches how to hold on hope even in very sensitive situations to reach at the edge of the success.

Thanks and Regards,
Umasankar Sahu

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