Saturday, 17 June 2017

While reading this book, It recalled my childhood favourite TV show “Alif Leila"..

'Once Upon A Genie’The Hon’ble authoress ‘Durriya Kapasi’ selected this unique title for this Book, which speaks more loud before turn the pages and complete the story. We can say It a heart touching tale of love.
While reading the book, I recalled my childhood favourite TV show “Alif Leila"; The story in this book is seeming like a real story in any real life but few moments later I could realise this whole story is fictitious only.

According to me, the authoress is just like the creator Lord Bramha (The Creator Lord in ancient Hindu Mythology) for his/her creation… and here the authoress has proved this. The way respected author has put the right characters in the right place throughout the story, is really outstanding. In this book, the Love Story between Daisy and Khalil Muwahid, a Genie, is narrated​ wisely. . Overall the story is really interesting… All characters (Names) here in the book, are well defined and friendly.

While reading this copy, Sometime I felt it I was reading a book of romantic journey with many flavours. If I say, the whole story seems really filmy…. really amazing..!
Hence as an author, I would like to recommend this book, and could say If a booklover reads this Book “Once Upon A Genie” once, he/she must not stop himself/herself to read it twice, thrice or for some more times..
Now all the Book Lovers Can grab a copy each, from Amazon and enjoy an worthy reading.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Uma Sankar Sahu,

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